Latest Good news! From Npower Officials To A Beneficiary (Must Read)

By Abdulsalam Khadijah Omowumi

Good news! Good news!! Good news!!!
Npower officials were in our school today an they talked to us a lot most especially our unpaid stipends.

They said "everyone will b paid its just some people r actually having some issues and all will b resolved. My case was incorrect Bvn and they ask me to write down my name so as to correct dem and dey promise that I will get my stipend this week or next.

They also talk about the issue of uploading passport, they said it was actually a test on d portal and b4 they know it thousands of people already uploaded dere passport and all so they will put it back online this night or tomorrow.

They also talked about people that hasn't been able to select device that they will once they have been paid.

Also, they talked about evaluation and monitoring that after out 2years program some people that the school recommend dem will b appreciated.

Osun state

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