Motivational Device Collection News From an Npower Beneficiary

By Kingsley Mecha


We are not ignorant that on a successful selection of device, we were told that e-mail message will be sent to our inbox which will serve as directive to device collection. Presently, most of us if not all, are yet to receive such message.

Currently, the ongoing information instructed us to have a printout of our chosen device as it is displayed presently on our profile. Pls note that the device displays on our profile is not side by side with our passport as it should be, this is because the main one that will come as soon as the device is ready for collection has not yet been added into the NPVN profile. You can see a sample image of such as attached on this message above.

Moreso, it is crystal clear that so many of you have printed your confidential information(BVN, bank details,phone number,surename(serving as password) on your profile along side with your chosen device image and its details and be showing it to people who do not have legal right to have access to your NPVN information, pls doing such could call for identity theft on your profile, as such, I urge you to keep your confidential information within yourself, keep it safe.

Very soon from now,  e-mail message that n-power promised to send to you will  come to you as soon as the devices are ready for collection and by then, you will see it appearing same as the image above on your profile,  you will be congratulated, your name mentioned, your passport and device placed side by side and the collection center indicated, this will be done for proper identification of the true ownership of the device to avoid identity theft. You will be asked to print  that page and send to where you can collect your device. Thanks.

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