Benefit of Npower to Graduate written by a Beneficiary

By Buhari Abubakar 

1. After two years you will be issued certificate i.e certificate of service and with that cert, you will be able to apply for any job even with jobs requiring 2yrs of experience.

2. The essence of N-POWER is not to pay you alone but to make sure you learn and gain more experienced in the field. eg N- Teach. Let's take for example, am a Bsc, but now am learning how to teach, and by the end of this Programme I will become a professional teacher In Sha Allah.

3. You become versatile I.e expert in other field.

4. It gives you a sense of responsibility.

5. You will be reward by God. for imparting knowledge on others. this is because only God can fully reward a teacher.

6. People accord respect to you in your locality. at least a graduate that is not found on the street.

7. It make you become self reliant.

8. A means for providing support to your businesses.

9. Many have never dreamt of holding a laptop but will be giving a device worth about a 100,000 thousand.

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