100+ Profitable Small Business Ideas you can start today

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Technology business is one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria. It is a fast growing business because of rapid development in the country. Some of the technology businesses here may require you to go through one or two special form of training.

The capital required to start them vary but some can be started with a low capital of N15, 000 .

Here are technology fast growing businesses;
1. Mobile phone dealer business
2. Mobile phone accessories business
3. Mobile phone repair and coupling business
4. Mobile money agent business
5. Auto repair garage
6. Audio tape duplication business 7. Disk duplication business
8. Car tracking business
9. Electronics Repair business
10. Mobile phone IMEI tracking business
11. Jewellery Making and beads knitting business

Agricultural business is one of the lucrative small businesses in Nigeria. You do not need to acquire much skill or training to be good in many of agricultural business.

However, seasonal changes affect the output of many of business. The total cost for starting these agricultural businesses varies considerably, ranging from a capital of N10, 000 to as much as N250, 000.

Here are the Agricultural lucrative small businesses;
12. Garry processing business
13. Palm oil processing business
14. Cocoa Beans processing business
15. Rice milling business
16. Millet milling business
17. Poultry farming business
18. Piggery business
19. Cat fish rearing
20. Snail rearing business
21. Grass cutter rearing business
22. Dog brooding and rearing business
23. Flower nursery and horticultural business
24. Livestock rearing business
25. Chicken feed production
26. Plant nursery

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS LIST Information communication technology businesses are among the businesses that are thriving very well in Nigeria. While some are relatively new in Nigeria others are as old as time.

Information technology business required special form of training and skill before start –up. The cost of starting them also varies, ranging from 100,000 – N250000 or more.

Here are the information technology business;
27. Computer Business Centre
28. Computer Repair and Services business
29. Computer Training Centre business
30. Cybercafé business
31. Website Developer and Designer 32. Arts and Graphic Designer business
33. Desktop Publisher
34. Computer Programming
35. Web Database Management
36. Small Printing Press business 37. Video editing busines

FOOD SERVICE CHEAP BUSINESS IDEAS TO START ON YOUR OWN Food service business is one of the cheapest business ideas any average Nigerian can start. It does not require any special form of training or skill and can be lucrative when properly manage.

The cost for starting this type of business can range from as low as N5, 000 – N100, 00. The food service cheap business, here are;
38. Point and kill Cat Fish Pepper Soup business
39. Fast food joint business
40. Bar and restaurant business
41. Bed and Breakfast Inn
42. Beer parlour business

Service rendering is a profitable business but the businesses under service rendering are highly delicate. For you to succeed in services business, you must possess an excellent skill in managing and tolerating people.

Their capital start up varies considerable ranging from N0.00 to as high as N250, 000 or more.

Here are event and service rendering business you can start today;
43. Event Management and Decoration Business
44. Catering Services Business
45. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Business
46. Interior Decorator Business
47. Hairstylist
48. Event Photographer and Videographer business
49. Dance Company
50. One-man band business
51. Cleaning Service Agent business 52. Cloth designing and Tailoring business
53. Hair and Barbing saloon business
54. Chairs, tables and canopy Rental services
55. Cooking utensils Rental services 56. Music Instrument rental services 57. Car hiring service business
58. Security agent service business 59. Water tanker service business (medium truck)
60. Diana water supply business
61. Building water collector services 62. Nanny Agent service business

PRODUCTION UNIQUE SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS Production business is a unique and lucrative business. In production, you make anything you produce a unique product so as to stand out in the market. Quality is the king of production business.

Some special form of skill or training may be needed to start this type of business.
63. Perfume and Deodorant Production business
64. Detergent and Liquid soap production
65. Bleach and stain removal production
66. Candle stick production
67. Handmade pottery

The businesses here are special services because life is at stake. They are mostly female service business. They include;
68. Child Day-care centre business. 69. Day-care for adults business.

Transport service business is lucrative when properly managed. Any average person can do transport service. The start up cost may vary depending on the type of transport service you want to start.

Here are the transport service businesses you can start today;
70. Travel agency
71. Car Drop Taxi Business
72. Ambulance service business
73. Town car service business
74. Car Wash Centre Business
75. Auto parts sales

HEALTH FITNESS AND SPORTING UNIQUE SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS Here you have some new emerging businesses like football and game betting centre. It has been extended online as you have much online football betting sites like bet9ja.com, naijabet.com, nairabet.com, nigeriabet.net etc. Some new personal and health fitness centre has also emerged in the recent times.

Setting up any of these centres may cost dearly depending on how big you would want it to be. No special form of training is needed to start any of these sporting businesses.

Here are some of the health fitness and sporting businesses;
76. Games and Football betting centre business
77. Game and video viewing centre 78. Personal Fitness centre
79. Body and Skincare consultant

EDUCATIONAL AND TUTORING PROFITABLE SMALL BUSINESSES YOU CAN DO TODAY Education and tutoring business need professional training and if possible specialization.

You can start small (home tutoring and coaching) and then grow big (private school). Home tutoring requires zero kobo for its starting and young school Leavers can start this but you must be sound academically.

Here are profitable Tutoring small businesses to start today;
80. Home tutoring and coaching business
81. Private Lesson centre business 82. Adult educational centres
83. Music Lessons Centres
84. Seminar workshop centre

Online business is one of the easiest and highly profitable businesses anybody can start from the comfort of your home. You age or sex does not matter. Some of the online businesses highly need professional training and skill while others may need little or no training.

The start up capital varies considerably depending on the type of online business. Example: Starting blogging business can cost you little to nothing while online business like web hosting and reselling business will not cost you nothing less than N250000 (in a big form).

Here are the profitable online businesses you can start today;
85. Blogging 86. Game developer
87. Online graphic designing services
88. Search engine optimization
89. Email marketing and newsletter services
90. Internet marketing agency
91. Web hosting reseller business 92. Search engine marketing
93. Internet software developer
94. Web database developer
95. Webhosting business
96. Affiliate marketing business
97. IT service provider
98. Blog setup and designer services 99. Shortcode messaging services provider
100. EBook designer and production

I am sure that what you have read
above is great resource. So, get started with any of these above small businesses today. Rise and become the best entrepreneur in the world.

Most successful world entrepreneur started from nowhere but they get to somewhere today. You have the choice to make.

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