A Must Read Message to NPOWER Beneficiaties

Lincoln Micheal shared a link to the group: NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP.

A MUST READ MESSAGE: If you've seen verified logo for the first time on your profile few days ago and now you can not see it again, it means you are not verified indeed. The reason for that sudden appearance of the verified logo, device selection icon and may be absence of device selected & its specification is that the npower technical department was working on the NPVN portal to make the portal more flexible and easy to assess than ever before.

That operational process carried out by them on the portal made you saw verified logo(V) on your profile while you are not due to have that logo on your profile, so it was a system error then. Now if you are truly verified, you will see the logo on your profile by this time. However, the appearance of the logo is as a function of the npower system network with time a volunteer is verified, the logo after volunteer must have been verified normally take 1-3weeks to appear on the profile based on the system network.
Those that are not selecting device should patiently wait, pretty soon from now, the device selection icon will appear and be functional for your selection as long as your issue is addressed by the Npower, what you need do is to work hand to hand with the n-power representatives, desk officers and admins to remedy your problems.

Never should you rise your panic body for that will pay you nothing good in return. If you are paid for part months, don't worry, npower has put you in queue to pay you the remaining months later. The electronic readout message telling you of your payment history should not cause you to be panicking, whether you see sent for payment, invalid or not, note that all your pending stipends will be paid to you and noon will be left unpaid. The interpretation of that electronic language is deep and I can not explain to you here, if I try, it will be semantic to your hearing.

The best. Lincoln M.

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