N-POWER Error Solution Update Shared By Festus Clement

Shared by Festus Clement Oluwasegun on NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP

Problem solving 101

I wanna use this medium to congratulate those that just got alerts and those that got their backlogs recently... You have been officially Npowered!!!

The purpose of everything is not just for you to get paid but to help others also get paid. So I'm gonna take my time to explain some basic things once and for all so you can pass same to your friends and fellow volunteers.

Payment history is very important in realising your errors or unmatched details Especially the remark or comment in front of March which covers for all the previous months, as for those with blank or empty payment history, it means you have physical verification issue which can only be corrected by undergoing a fresh physical verification process at your state...

For those with unmatched BVN:- It means the name on your BVN isn't same name as the ones on your npvn profile account name. It must be correctly spelt and must contain same number of names Or that your BVN is wrongly written Or your BVN isn't linked with your account

For those with account number non nuban:-It means your account number isn't correct Or your account number is no longer active Or your account number isn't linked with your BVN number

For those with unmatched name:- It means your npvn name isn't the same as the name on your account name and also on your BVN. If your name is three,it must be three all through, if two, it must be two all through... No abbreviations or wrong spelling or characters such as comma and hyphen in your names.

As soon as you discover your errors... Attempt to correct it immediately
First step to take is to Request for a print out of your account details and BVN details at the bank... So that you can go through it and check very well by yourself Immediately you discover something wrong, correct it immediately.

Make sure you go to the bank with a valid national card and follow the process that is required for you to correct it. If on npvn, you should contact their email address or phone number continuously and non stop till they respond and correct your details. Make sure you give them your phone number and email address with full name so they can access your page for correction

Also attach your ID card and BVN printout along with the mail so they'll know you're the owner of the page

Their email address is
[email protected]
and the phone number is 08145569572

For those that have corrected all these errors as at April or early May ... Your alert is coming in shortly
I wish you all the best

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