See The Month Stipend That Got Npower Beneficiaries Confused

Aside those N-power is owing, the may stipends is the most confusing than previous stipends paid by Npower in terms of how the payment was done.

Many N-power Beneficiaries who were not owed by N-power received a backlog payment even though they were not owed  and later receive a text message from N-power that stated:

Dear Volunteer,

Recall that in the month of February you experienced a delay in the payment of your monthly stipends.

Now you have benefitted from advanced payment of stipends for the month of May.

If you have any enquiries, please send a TEXT to 08145569572.

Stay N-Powered!

And as of today Wednesday 18 another text message was send by KAD-NPOWER to a Beneficiary in Kaduna who received a backlog payment of 30k but was not owed by N-power that "Be informed that since you were paid NPower stipends twice this month, note that you will not be paid in May. Thanks. Kaduna State NPower Office."

However he was not owed but only received one month payment at the month of may which was tag as backlog payment.

The Question is why would a beneficiary receive a single backlog payment and will receive a text that he was paid twice in the month of may is someone influencing the payment or is it the payment mode that is not organised?

Nevertheless N-power coordinators are trying but they should try more to effect the mode of payment to avoid confusion

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