Redeployment Update For First Batch Npower Beneficiaries

For the first batch Npower Beneficiaries who applied for redeployment earlier in the program because of one reason or the other, hope you still remember  that the rules for redeployment was that when you redeployed you will no longer be participating in the first batch rather you will be deployed among the second batch.

So if you applied for redeployment, there is no need for you to reapply for new Npower application as messages are now being sent to those who applied for the deployment earlier.

If you were among those that redeployed earlier, know that your application was process successfully or worked on when you receive a message from Npower stating "that you have been selected from the 2016 waiting list"

A Beneficiary who redeployed confirm that she received the message few days ago

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