Introducing FGN Saving Bond To All Npower Beneficiaries


This is an opportunity for Npower Beneficiaries that are finding it difficult to save money use the Federal Government of Nigeria Saving Bond (FGNSB) to start saving.

The Federal Government of Nigeria Saving Bond (FGNSB) is a new retail investment instrument introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Debt Management Office (DMO)

The FGNSB is a good instrument for saving towards retirement, marriage, School fees, housing projects etc.

The FGBSB can be use as collateral for loans. The bond can be sold in the secondary market whenever investors need cash.

The FGN Saving Bond was introduced to promote the savings culture in Nigeria while giving retail investors the opportunity to earn income from a secure investment. The bond also provide an avenue for more Nigerians to participate in the capital market through an instrument accessible to all income groups as a means for diversifying the funding source of the govt for national development.

The Benefits of the FGN Savings bond is that interest from tax, is paid into the bond holder's account every quarter. Investment in the FGNSB is a risk free investment because it is backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Govt of Nigeria.

How to apply:
The FGNSB will be issued every month, the issuance calendar for 2017 and how you can apply for the FGN Saving Bond is on the website: www.dmo.gov.ng

The Offer for subscription will be open for 5 days from the date of announcement. Minimum subscription amount is N5,000.00 with additions in multiples of N1,000.00, subject to a maximum of N50,000,000.00.

There will be no fees or charges for subscriptions.

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