Reason Why Some Volunteers May Miss Npower Text And Verification And How They Can Avoid It

In 2016 most Npower applicants miss Npower test and verification due to the following issues listed below:

1. After registration they went back and relax without joining any of the Npower updating social media platform to stay updated.

2. Some Applicants register with dormant email address and un-functional phone number so they miss out on Npower messages and email

3. Some applicants were aware of the text date but because they were not notify via test message they refuse to take the text.

How 2017 Npower Applicants can prevent or avoid making same mistake

1. Join all Npower social media platform- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated

2. Make sure you register for Npower with a functional phone number and email address

3. Understand that even computer make mistakes sometimes, so as a result of that some applicants may not receive notification even though they were sent because those notification messages are been send massively by Npower. So don't say because you were not contacted you wont try at all

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