Registration Questions Ask By Npower Applicants And Response From Npower Officials

Below are the simple question ask by Npower applicants and the response from Npower Official

1. Applicant Qtn: It seems there are no provisions for attachment/uploading of any document on this present online application

=> Npower Response: No, there are not

2. Applicant Qnt: I haven't gotten any email confirmation and also the form was just one page form and no upload of any document, is that it?

=> N-power Response: Please hold on, yes application was a simple form

3. Applicant Qtn: What if one is working wit Npower and later got a better offer from federal government, what is going to happen?

=> Npower Response: Such a person should exit the Npower programme properly and then leave.

4. Applicant Qtn:. How can one change his/her profile name, my sister was asked to change her profile name to her bank details name..

=> Npower Response: We will send out communication on that soon, let her follow our social media channels for updates.

5. Applicant Qtn: How do you monitor participants? Some just collect the money doing nothing, especially some sent to teach?

=> Npower Response: We have a monitoring team currently touring the nation but you can assist as a citizen and report them.

6. Applicant Qtn: For we Npower Teach, how many days in a week are we expected to be in given school?

=> Npower Response: How many working days are in a week sir? It is not NYSC, you will be a teaching assistant you will shape lives which is a huge responsibility

7. Applicant Qtn: I want to know the difference between reference number and reference ID?

=> Npower Response: Don't Be alarmed either is fine.

8 Applicant Qtn: Good day sir will I get a confirmation message from Npower through my email that I have successfully registered for the program?

=> Npower Response: Yes sir! very shortly

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  1. Why is nothing being said about the devices that were promised to volunteers? No information seem to be flooding the media concerning this lately

  2. Just pleading to the president that he needs to show mercy and convert the empowerment into employment to make life more meaniful to the graduates.thanx


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