See The Reply Npower Gave To An Existing 2016 Beneficiary If He Can Apply For The 2017 Registration

Here is an Npower beneficiary tweet to Npower this afternoon and the response from them.
Me: Igbatigbi Zekeri
And how could one exit properly from the first one and reapply for this particular one, I mean the procedures?

Replying to @IgbatigbiZ
To exit the N-Power programme, kindly contact your State Focal Person and follow the instructions given. I tweeted them in response to someone's question that " Can he reapply for this ongoing Npower registration despite the fact that he's a beneficiary of the current one? " he was told to reapply but he must first of all properly resign from this current one.

I believe he wanted to reapply because he thought the ongoing Npower registration has a category called " Npower Tax" and from all indication, he thought those who apply for N-Tax would be given automatic appointment instead of the two years when compare with other categories like N-teach, N-Agro and others.

Any present beneficiary that think he can go on such mission is taking a risk because the mode of selection of 2017 might not be as easy as it was in 2016. So enjoy your present offer while it last.

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