Friday, June 16, 2017

See The Genuine Links for Npower Registration and Their Support Line

Disregard any wrong information about the below links as not the actual website  for Npower  registration.
The following links  are not fake or scam they are genuine links for Npower registration ignore anyone telling you otherwise

lf you're having problem registering for Npower the phone number  below are the genuine number you can reach Npower for support or assistance:

09060000445, 09060000446, 09060000447, 09060000448, 09060000449, 09060000450, 09060000451, 09060000452, 09060000453, 09060000454

09055555960, 09055555961, 09055555962, 09055555963, 09055555964, 09055555965.

09099998401, 09099998402, 09099998403

You can also contact Npower through this email: [email protected]

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