Firstbank Salary Overdraft- Get funds to meet short term needs before the next payday (See How)

Mid-Month Emergency? First bank Salary Overdraft to the rescue

Firstbank salary overdraft provides immediate funds to assist salaried employees meet short term needs before the next payday


Who is eligible?

  1. All employee whose salaries have been domiciled at firstbank for a minimum of 6 months
  2. How much can I get? 50% of net monthly disposable income subject to a maximum of #500,000
  3. What is te facility tenor? Minimum tenor of 30 days and maximum tenor of 90 days subjects to date of salary payment
  4. Applicant's Employment status: Full time employment (self employed customer are not eligible)
  5. Collateral: Salary domiciliation
  6. Repayment plan: Facility is created as an Overdraft on the salary account and cleaned up with subsequent monthly salary payment
  7. Pricing: Very attractive
How to participate
Visit any Firstbank near you to get on board

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