Selected For 2016 N-Power Verified But Unpaid (Read this)

This is a motivational write up for the Selected 2016 N-Power Verified But Unpaid Volunteers.

I have read alot of comment on N-power discussion group both from the paid and unpaid. I can testify to the fact that majority of 2016 Beneficiaries has been paid.

N-power is real and some of the unpaid that were called by N-power have began to testify that N-power is real. One of them got his first alert June and express how happy he was. He shared his testimony below:
"Glory be to God!! After 7 month I was finally paid for the first time in June (N-power June payment) Steps he took

1. Open his account and updated his account details which he never did.

2 Wrote a mail to support about his outstanding payments 

3. Support replied and ask me to send a scan BVN slip. The noted the cause of no payment to unmatched BVN records. 4 After I sent the Scan BVN within 3 days I was paid for the first time. Follow suit it could work!!! 

Another unpaid also shared his testimony he said:

My God is good! I am just so happy! Please praise God for me. N-power is now for real and I pray others will test of this breeze

I was in the revival this evening I actually went even in the rain but God rewarded me with mercy and Grace after the program, I heard "gbagam gbagam" and it was the alert. Kai praise God.

So if you are not paid yet after all correction demanded of you has been made, you will be paid. If you know you have corrected your error  don't worry you will paid.

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