How An N-Power Applicant was Almost Scam (Learn From her story)

An N-power applicant narrate her experience on N-power discussion group how she was almost scam by a fraudsters.

Below is what she share on our Facebook group:

Hello everyone, I got a call this afternoon from a man who claim to be working with the N-power programme. He claim to be in charge of compilation of list.

At first I believed him but i later started suspecting him, because of the questions he was asking. He asked for my reference no, and I asked I  on my phone and also wrote it down somewhere, I told him to be patient while I get it, he noticed there was so much noise from the background so i cut the call.

He Later called back and he started telling me that he doesn't know why he wants to help me, he then told me to pay 30k so that he will include my name. So this time i already became suspicious, so i told him to send his account number, he kept calling me, he also blew my phone from the call, I later picked and told him i just made the transfer.

He thanked me and hurriedly cut the call, I called but he didn't pick. After one hour he has been calling me, maybe to tell he he hasn't gotten the alert.

Please be very careful, don't fall victim. Scammers are not smiling at all. Don't let desperation make you lose your hard earned money,  peace.

To avoid this sort of experience, you must not post your vital information like your phone number or bank account and BVN publicly or to any one rather than N-power for help.

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