If Given A Second Chance To Reselect Device (Which would you go for?)

This is just an interactive section for N-power discussion group members to share their inner thought about their Device Choice, we just want to hear your opinion.

There are some volunteers who thought they did not make the wright choice during device selection. so we decided to find out for instance if N-power decided to give such categories of volunteers second chance by opening up the NPVN Portal for device re-selection due to  certain circumstances that lead you not to select your choose of device now that the collection date is near, which would you go for?

We however know that the electronic device are all good and can perform the same activities to their topmost best when put to use, and we also know that there are certain features that each device has that made them stand out against the other which might make you want to re-think.

Tell us from the list of device listed below which would you reselect if given a second chance:

1. Speedstar
2. Tecno
3. Afrione
4. Samsung Tab E
5. Zinox Z Pad
6. Floss Signatures
7. Brian Npower Ipad
8. RLG Adulawo Limited 

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