N-Power Assessment- Possible Reasons Why You Were Unable To Select Device.

This Assumption is for 2017 N-Power Applicants that are Due For Assessment and Device selection.

My Experience and Observation from the ongoing N-Power Assessment Tests is that the device selection is also part of the test. The pattern at which N-Power set the mode of device selection this year is also an assessment.

When you look at it critically during assessment tests, device selection also carry time limit. Both the first and second stages of the assessment test carries 25 Minute. (My Observation)

A Friend of my was given 5 minute to select device after answering the eleven (11) questions in the first stage of the Assessment test. This could be that he use 20 minute to solve the eleven questions and went back to use the remaining five (5) minute to select device (another observation).

Some of you who were unable to select device after writing your test, might be as a result of not using your time judiciously.

In order to successfully select your device, follow the steps below:
  1. When you login to write your test, the first page that pop out carry details of when to begin your Assessment test. If your test is due, you will see "your test is due"  but if you test is not schedule for that day, it will display a date and time when to write your test.

    Remember only applicants whose BVN records match their application will proceed to the Assessment Test Stage.

  2. When your test is due and you click the link titled " CLICK HERE TO START YOUR ASSESSMENT", it will lead you to a page with two options:
    a. Click here to start your N-Agro Assessment
    b. Click here to select your N-Agro device.

  3. Click the first option which is "start test" to answer the eleven 11 question and make sure you submit your test when you are done. Then go back and conclude the next stage which is device selection.

Make sure you do this within the 25 minute time limit set for the assessment test. Your ability to be able to select device is also a good sign.

NOTE: there might be other reason why you were unable to select device such as failing the assessment test. This is just an assumption anyway, other things may still be involve.

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  1. One of my friend did her own test but unable to select the device. Please what is the next step for her?

  2. Pls tell her to login and select her device. option for selection of device is on her profile dash board.

  3. A friend of mine was trying to select device before the system went off, and when she login on clicking to the page to select device on that page she saw submit so..so..so... date which was that date that she login. Hope there won't be any for that

  4. What becomes of those who fail to select a device, does that men they will be disqualified?


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