N-Power Discussion Group Quiz

1. What is N-Power?
Answer: N-Power is a Social Investment Programme created by the Federal govt of Nigeria to reduce the unemployment in Nigeria by providing Jobs and empowering the youth.

2. Who are N-Power Volunteer Corp
Answer: They are trained Graduates who will assist to improve the inadequacies in our public services in education, health and civic education. Some of these graduate will also help in actualising Nigerians economic and strategic aspirations of achieving food security and self sufficiency.

3. Who are the initiators of N-Power?
Answer: President Buhari and his vice Osinbajo

4. When was N-Power Created?
Answer: 2016

5. How many Graduate did N-Power employed in the first Batch 2017?
Answer: 200,000

6. How many programme are in N-Power Graduate Programme?
Answer: Four (4) NTeach, NTax, NAgro and NHealth

7. State the 2017 N-Power Registration starting and closing date?
Answer: June 13 to July 2017

8. What is the Original N-Power website url?
Answer: www.npower.gov.ng

9. How many state focal person does N-Power have?
Answer: 37 including FCT

10. State the N-Power 2017 Assessment test starting and closing date?
Answer: Started July 1st and ends July 21st then July applicants start 25th July and end 31st July

11. Who created N-Power Discussion Group?
Answer: Ambrose Emaikwu

12. What does N-Power device Expected delivery date means?
Answer: Period when the devices hit their various pick up locations after having been pre loaded with their N-Power content, sim profiling

13. How Many unemployed Graduate will N-Power Recruit this year?
Answer: 300,000

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