The Aim Of N-Power BVN Validation

The latest update shared on N-Power Social Media channel this morning about BVN Validation is that the aim of 2017 applicants BVN Validation is to avoid the current situation face by some of the existing 2016 beneficiaries who have had issues with payment.

Some of 2016 beneficiaries have worked for 7 month now without stipends because of BVN issues. N-Power is tackling this issue at the point of application so that you will not be going to your PPA without stipend.

During BVN registration, some banks arrange customers name such a way that if you use the name on your credentials ten the name will not correspond to your BVN and this is part of what N-Power is sorting out.

According to N-power, when the BVN Validation is done a text message will be sent to your phone numbers to either proceed to the assessment test phase or not. NpowerNG remains Committed to a fair and transparent process.


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