Saturday, July 1, 2017

Why You Should Be Happy N-Power 2017 Assessment Test Commence Early

Why You Should Be Happy N-Power 2017 Assessment Test Commence Early (A Beneficiary point of view)

Some Applicants has started complaining about the early commencement of N-power Assessment test when they should be happy that N-Power is taking things fast, secure, smooth and appropriately in this year recruitment process.

Let me remind you that when N-power started in 2016, applicants were frustrated becuase of the slow kick off of the programme. After registration, it took N-power 3month before assessment test was conducted and another 3 month for shortlistment and selection. This is what N-power is trying to avoid in this year 2017 reruitment process.

It does not matter whether you register late or on the cosing date of the programme which is 13th, July 2017 as long as you follow the 2017 Registration Rules appropriately Npower will allow you to write the online test.

Normally Npower Assessment test is written in batches even the 2016 Assessment test was written in batches alpherbetically according to First letter in Surname.

You should encourage Npower for job welldone and not to criticise ( my point on this matter) 

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