Can N-Power Volunteer Marry An N-Power Volunteer? (Find Out More)

I was scanning through some post on Facebook Npower Discussion Group the other day and I came across a post where a Volunteer was asking if N-Power volunteers can marry each other. My though at that point was why could he ask such question when I believe he already knew the answer.

There is nothing wrong with two N-Power Volunteer who eventually meet, fall in love and got married during the course of their voluntary service. In fact N-Power should encourage that just like the way NYSC reward corpers that get married during service year.

However, in as much as Money is very important in every Marriage, one should not capitalize on Money alone. Look at other things that can make a low income earner succeed in marriage. (Agree together start a business and build an empire together).

Marriage used to be the cornerstone on which you build your life, you get out of secondary school, got married then built your career. Now younger Nigerians see marriage more as a capstone. The prefer to obtain education, find steady employment which some times takes longer period to come at this time where it is hard to secure jobs, then maybe invest in a house and then marriage.

No time to waste, back in the days during my National youth service (NYSC) year my Area inspector use to advice me that I should marry early to see my kids grow older and I agree with him.

Both Volunteers can save from N-Power stipend and start a lucrative business that can sustain them. Some times marriage comes with good luck it might be a stepping stone for N-Power permanent job.

Never wait until you become comfortably before you try, start from small and you will eventually grow to become the big thing. Waiting for the big thing to come is dangerous because it might not come and you end up wasting your time. If you fall in love with your fellow N-Power Volunteer good, love is a beautiful thing.

NOTE: marriage is not for kids don't get involve if you are not ready.

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