How N-Power Saved A Volunteer From Loosing 100k To Unknown Job At Dubai (Must Read)

Today I am an N-Power Beneficiary thanks to N-power for empowering me. Exactly 10 month ago, a friend called me and told me that a security agency is recruiting for a firm in Dubai that I should put in my application if I am interested. So decided to try because at that moment I thought it was a great opportunity to get out of the country in search for greener pastures. Trust a typical Nigeria graduate who had graduated for almost 4 years without a job.

The recruitment agency invite me for a physical interview and I was interviewed by two ladies, then wrote an aptitude test one week later . Two days later after the aptitude test, I was called for medical test.

Applicants where told to pay 10k for the form which some applicant paid but I paid 4k as part payment which I never completed thanks to N-power.

After passing all the screening process, the recruitment agency then told us that processing of work permit and visa will cost us 200k but we will have to pay 100k and when we get to Dubai the remaining 100k balance will be deducted from our earnings. I did everything possible to raise the money and got 50k from friends and family .

On that day I decided to do some research about Nigerians seeking for job in Dubai and how the got there. The story I read online from the research I did was not encouraging at all so I decided to wait for a while and think over this journey I wanted to take.

Nevertheless, I came across the Federal Government job creation programme N-power Post when I was researching online and decided to apply. Luckily I was selected and engage by N-power now receiving 30k monthly stipends. When I try to contact those we applied for the Dubai job together, they told me they were never contacted by the recruitment agency after the interview process.

Thanks #NPowerNG  I have been empowered

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