N-Power Device Update: Process Of Pre-loading Information On To Your Device (Video)

N-Power released Video on how various partners are working hard in making sure that your device is well equipped with the necessary tools.

The Video shows the process of pre-loading information on to your devices. through the different parties that are working hard to get your device to you.

According to N-Power, the first set is for existing beneficiaries who selected a device before march 27th, 2017.

Each Beneficiary will be assign to a device that he/she selected and the device will be pre-loaded with content about the programme enrolled for. for instance if you enrol for N-Teach your device will be preloaded with N-teach Materials, so also to those that enrolled for other programmes.

The question now is what will happen to those that were move from their original programme to other programme by their State government?. I hope N-Power will look into this matter and collect data of this kind of beneficiaries so that each beneficiaries get their device preloaded accordingly, because as for now beneficiaries NPVN Profile is still not updated with their places of deployment and primary assignment.

You can watch the Video by Clicking Here

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