Life After N-Power- Facebook Video Chat With Mr Afolabi ( Must Read)

In case you miss the Facebook video chat with Mr Afolabi yesterday, don't worry we have translated some of the conversation he had with Volunteers into text for you to read. Below is one of the discussion he had with Volunteers:

LIFE AFTER N-POWER: Mr Afolabi encourage Volunteers to begin to think out of the box. He said this is the 9th month of the Programme which means Volunteers have 15 month left in the Programme. He also said this is the time N-Power Volunteers should begin to Ernest certain skills competent, this is the time you begin to explore all the materials put on the NPVN Portal about entrepreneurship, what are the entrepreneurship opportunities.  

According Mr Afolabi, this is the time to use some of your monthly savings from your monthly stipends to begin to think of what to do out of the listed Businesses bellow:
  1. Soap Making
  2. Bread Making
  3. Beat Making
  4. Fish Farming
  5. Poultry Farming
  6. Retail Phone accessories
  7. Food and Vegetable
  8. Food Processing

However, Mr Afolabi said N-Power Volunteers should work hard at their various Places of Primary Assignment in order to stand a chance of been offered appointment by there state government, that as of now only Kogi and Edo with few other State Government has come out to say that they will absorb N-Teach Volunteers.

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