Seven Things To Note About N-Power Device

The Seven things N-Power wanted Beneficiaries to know about the electronic device are listed below:

  1. Federal Government of Nigeria entered into an Asset Finance agreement with the Bank of Industry, to provide beneficiaries, devices that will serve both as a work tool and a training tool.
  2. President Muhammaddu Buhari's administration extended an additional 4500 naira device credit to beneficiaries to ensure that any device that you pick will have minimal or zero impact on your regular 30,000 stipend
  3. There are 8 vendors pre-approved by the Bank of Industry to deliver the devices.
    Brian N-Power IPAD
    *RLG Aduawo
    * Afri-One
    * Samung Tab E
    * Zinox Z Pad
    * Tecno Pad
    * Floss Signatures
    * Speedstar
  4. Batch A means beneficiaries who selected devices on or before March 27th, 2017
  5. Batch B mean beneficiaries who selected devices between March 27th now
  6. 116,39 beneficiaries selected devices before March 27th, 2017. They are in Batch A.
  7. Batch B orders have not been placed yet

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