Are Nigerians Graduate Truly Unemployable ( Article Written By NDG Member)

Article Shared on Npower Discussion Group by Chibuikem Gabriel Onuola


After reading the latest updates from N-power this morning, I was somehow taken aback when they said some Volunteers have been rude in addressing them.

After going through some of the comments on Facebook, I quickly went to Twitter to browse through, and I was truly shocked and disappointed.

I mean, these are some of the reasons local and international organizations say that majority of Nigerian graduates are UNEMPLOYABLE.

Take a look at tweets that purported graduates 'released' from their brains.

Just have a look at the screenshots below which I just took from the #NpowerNG's twitter handle; @npower_ng.

Looking from pictures 1 to 3, I ask,
1. What has #NpowerNG got to do with Neymar and football? If you can trace any link between these two, please let me know.

2. How many of you have heard of NPV fund since Npower programme started? Please what is NPV Fund? You see, people use their minds to create an offense that is non-existent and they try to put it on people's  head. How can a reasonable person who calls himself or herself a graduate make such  incoherent allegations.

3. For Goodness' sake, how can somebody who clamoring for the N-power programme to be converted to a permanent job be so rude to his Boss?  Even if he was actually lying, should you be that raw and confrontational.  An arrogant stack illiterate, who is not civilised would probably do the same thing, so how do you differ as a graduate who "... has been found worthy in CHARACTER and learning", if you cannot find subtle words to pass on the same message?.

This is just unacceptable!!

If you are a graduate, you have to act like one. Not flying certificate up and down.

After all I have seen on social media these last year since the inception of the N-Power programme, I cannot but agree that majority of Nigerian graduates are unemployable.

You can either fume and insult me, or you can look inwards and find areas in your character, skills and charism that needs to be refined and do something about them!

It's not just about getting job, but it's about being a person of admirable character and sound mind.

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