See Why Some Applicants Get Invalid BVN Even When Their BVN Matches Their Application

Some applicants keep complaining about invalid BVN login error when trying to access the N-Power assessment test portal to take their test. They might not have any BVN issues,their BVN might match with their application but because they are using the wrong method to login to the test portal they get invalid BVN.

One thing you should understand about the N-power test portal is that applicant BVN and phone number are configured to only access the test portal through the programme test link they applied for. For instance if you applied for N-AGRO and you try to login through N-HEALTH test link to write your test, you will get invalid BVN.

We discover this when an applicant who applied for N-HEALTH and had written his assessment test try to login to his profile dashboard through N-AGRO login link but got invalid BVN. This also happen to some applicants trying to write their test through other links.

When you visit the test portal to write your test, the four programme test options which are N-TEACH, N-HEALTH, N-AGRO and N-TAX will pop up make sure you click on the exact programme you applied for before you login if not you will get invalid BVN

NOTE: that when you try this and you keep getting invalid BVN, that means your BVN did not match with your application and your application have come to an end.

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  1. I had everything in order and even got a text asking me to proceed to the portal for my assessment and still getting a "INVALID BVN" message. What do I do please?

  2. Why that my BVN is showing invalid

  3. Why my bvn shows another person name


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