As N-Power Volunteers We Are Strong Energetic Smart To Lift Nigeria To The Next Level

Here on N-Power Discussion Group, NPower volunteers are guided on how to achieve goals, We are all we have together and we believe that Nigeria will prevail with love, care and respect.

We go beyond and explore, research and find vital information that will unite us as Nigerians. We discourage hate speech, we teach love, togetherness and upholds one another in achieving goals. That is the spirit of N-Power.

We pay attention to rules and stand by it, that is why we are united at Npower  discussion group as N-Power volunteers and we believe that we are strong, smart, energetic to prevail and lift Nigeria to the next level.

As NPower volunteers, N-Teach, N-health, N-Agro and N-Tax we are committed to change how things are  done in Nigeria by discharging our responsibilities accordingly.

The future is us, we are the mechanism that will grow education, health sector, Agric Business and Tax in Nigeria. Take us seriously


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