Five (5) Things That Will Happen When N-Power Permanent Beneficiaries

Since the National Social investment programme (NSIP) of the federal government of Nigeria commenced, a lot have been said by N-Power Officials and beneficiaries on permanency issues.

The N-Power officials had always reminded beneficiaries to service their future before the programme elapse since it is only for two years while beneficiaries are clamoring for permanent offer.

However, one thing that is certain is that there is gain both from the side of N-Power and beneficiaries when Volunteers are retained at the end of the programme via the difference Empowerment options by the management.

Below are five things that will possibly happen when N-Power Permanent beneficiaries:
  • Nigeria economy will improve with the right engagement of volunteers into the various sectors of the economy either via Nexit or others to discharge their duties diligently using the experience they have acquired from the N-Power Programme.
  • Unemployment will reduce: If N-Power will be able to engage Volunteers base on their preference, absorb some of the beneficiaries if not all into the various government organization, and then Others be engaged via cbn Empowerment options as prefer by the Volunteers, the unemployment problem in Nigeria will reduce. The numbers of unemployed graduates we have in Nigeria, absorbing 500,000 Graduates will help a long way. Note not every graduate can succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Illegal Youth Migration will reduced: The rate at which young Nigerians are taking the risk of migrating illegally to foreign countries to seek for better livelyhood which sometime turns out to impact Nigeria negatively will reduced.
  • Crime will reduce: The problem of crime in Nigeria will reduce when most of these beneficiaries are absorbed into the civil service and others to the Nexit option rather than disposing them back into the streets. An idle man is an evil work shop.
  • They will retained their self esteem: N-Power has help many Graduate to regain their self esteem after many years of searching and seeking for employment without any meaningful result of securing a job until they were empowered by N-Power. Now that the Batches A and B have been Exited, letting them go back to the street will make most of them loss their self esteem again which is not good for the society, absorbing most of them into the civil service and other opportunities will help them retained their self esteem thereby creating a good atmosphere in their communities.

Note: not all graduates can succeed as entrepreneur.

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  1. All we are hoping for is absorption into civil service. And we pray that God will use Mr President for us. God bless Npower, God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

  2. This plan of the Government would work. No matter the plan of the enemies. Nothing can stop it. It's question of time.


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