Five Amazing Facts About NPower You Need To Know

There are five amazing fact about Npower the Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria you need to know. We have done some research and compiled the following fact about Npower:
  1. Npower is the first Federal Government Social Investment Programme that is about to empower 500,000 Graduates on health, Agriculture, Tax and teaching skills.
  2. Npower is the first social investment programme that is about to empower 500,000 thousand Nigeria graduates with electronic device.
  3. The Name Npower has evolved for the pass one year, hardly for you to walk into any community, house or home in Nigeria without hearing the Name Npower.
  4. The social investment programme Npower Nigeria website has grown in popularity and has even surpass many websites that have been in existence before it. On Alexa website ranking, Npower website is rank 49 in Nigeria and 3478 global ranking.
  5. Npower Nigeria website has 415 other website linking in.

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