Today 25th September 2017 NPower Issues Questions And Answers

Below are some answers to Npower issues and questions.
  1. What is the fate of those disqualified   that are now qualified? Will they still be paid?
    Answer: If your issue has been rectified, you will be placed in the payment environment.
  2. When will the 2017 list be released?
    Answer: The preselection process will likely commence at the end of September 2017
  3. When will Speedstar  device be ready for collection?
    Answer: Communication will be provided shortly stay tuned to Npower social media platform.
  4. I have not received any Msg concerning the collection of the device and I am in the first batch, batch A?
    Answer: distribution of device is in batches and it'd a process.
  5. Is the interview for Ntax applicants suspended? We haven't heard anything since.
    Answer: kindly contact VAIDS for further inquiries. You can reach VAIDS through their Facebook page. Simply search for VAIDS Nigeria on Facebook and like the page.
  6. Does it mean that everybody that registered and wrote Npower exams qualified to get the device?
    Answer: the devices are only for beneficiaries who have successfully met all the necessary requirements.
  7. How can someone resign from Npower?
    Answer: kindly send your email address and phone number to Npower Official Facebook page or to their contact email.
  8. If an applicant mistakenly did not select device during his/her application, would it affect his/her application in any way?
    Answer: if the applicant gets shortlisted, an avenue will be created to resolve the issue.

These answers are direct answers given to beneficiaries questions by Npower officials.

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  1. please we speedstar device beneficiaries are long waiting for our device. any hope for us again?


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