Device Delivery Update: Today Message From NPower To Beneficiaries

NPower just shared device delivery update and we thought it is very important we share it here on NPower discussion group for you to read and get informed. Below is the message shared by NPower NG

"Good Morning

For everyone collecting devices at this time, we want to be very clear that you are expected to conduct yourselves properly at ALL times.

Where you are exploited or treated unfairly, we will address the situation.

What happened yesterday in a particular state MUST NEVER happen again. No member of our distribution partners must ever be threatened physically or harmed in any way.

If you are asked to go to a Center and the Center is locked or not opened for whatever reason, contact us and we will address immediately.

It is NOT for you to go to other centers where you were not invited to, to disrupt work activities.

Let us be clear, that behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE and it will have consequences."


Stay updated.

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