Five Differences Between NPower Samsung Tab E And Speedstar Window Tab

We did some research and discover these five (5)  differences between Samsung Tab-E and Speedstar Window Tab been distributed by Npower and we thought it's nice we share the update with you.

Below are the five differences we discovered:
  1. Samsung Top E has Android operating system while Speedstar window tab has Microsoft Windiw Operating System.
  2. Samsung Tab-E has 24 months warranty while Speedstar tab has 12 warranty
  3. Samsung have 22 support centres while Speedstar have 17 support centres across the country.
  4. Samsung Tab-E battery is non removable while Speedstar is not.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab E  96 is sold at prize range of N95,000 to N67,800 depending on the model while Speedstar window tab is sold at prize range of N141,800 to N68,000 on Jumia store. There are other low prizes for these device though.

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