How To Make Money Through Jumia Affiliate Programe

Do you know you can make some extra cash promoting Jumia products on your blogs, website and social media channels? Why not take advantage of this holiday shopping season to earn substantial income through the Jumia Affiliate program.

I have been using Jumia Affiliate program on my blogs and have earn some real money doing that. You too can! But you have to register first.

The registration process is easy and free. All you need to do is to go to their website and register to get approve the next day.

The next step after registration is to get banners, links from Jumia Affiliate website and start promoting it on your blog or website. You earn commission up to 11% on all orders a customer makes within 30 days from clicking on your ad.

How to register:
Simply view the video below to get detailed  registration steps

and then Click here to register.

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