What You Must Do After Collecting Your NPower Device

According to NPower, it is mandatory that you log into the NPower network and stay active, below are steps to log in:

Step 1

  • Put on your device
  • Ensure you have an internet connection
  • Search the apps for the relevant app for your program (I.e) search for N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro and launch the app by clicking it as seen on the image below

Step 2

  • Slide through the onboarding screens to the last, please read the text as they would teach you a thing or two. At the last onboarding screen click "Next" as seen on the image below

Step 3 final step

  • After clicking next, play the introductory video once you have successfully watched the video you will be automatically logged in.  Without an internet connection you will not be able to login.
  • Upon successful log in, go to your profile by clicking more, then profile and confirm your details match the details presented on the profile

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  1. Hi. The n-power app on my device is not working, it is unfortunately stoped. What can I do?

  2. My internet connection has stopped since three days ago, please what should I do now?


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