See How To Tour And Ask Industry Experts Questions On YouWin Connect website While You Wait For The E-Learning Stage

I wants to share with you a video on how you can access educative business ideas and also learn from industry experts on the youwin connect website whether you are a youwin connect applicant or someone who wants to learn about business.

YouWin Connect provide platform where young Nigerians entrepreneurs can meet the industry expert and ask questions through the YouWin! connect forum page. All you need to do is to register or login to join the forum and start accessing learning materials.

It is very important that you tour round the website to learn more about business and nurture your ideas and network with industry experts and also read testimonies of applicants who have benefited from the programme before you and how their businesses are growing. So why not watch the video above to view how you can learn from the industry expert while you wait for the next stage, online training stage of the youwin connect programme

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