What You Need To Do Before Collecting Your NPower Device (Must Read)

New update from NPower to volunteers!
It is very important that you read this update about the steps involve in device collection carefully as required by NPower. The following steps are involved:

Steps 1

  • Once you have received an SMS stating that your device is ready for pick up, specifying a date and the pick up centre, show up!
  • If you are yet to received this SMS it means that your device is not ready and you will be contacted once it is.

Step 2

  • On the pick up date, go to your pick up centre with your BVN slip, a valid ID, a pen and the SMS you received.
  • Once you are at the centre you will be guided with instructions on how to wait to be called up.

Step 3

  • Present your BVN slip and a valid ID to the officials at the pickup centres.
  • You will be issued a document through the document and sign it.

To receive the SMS test message it is very important you deactivate the do not disturb function in the device.
Please carry out the following:

  1. Sent start to 2442 on 9 mobile
  2. Sent Allow to 2442 on MTN
  3. Sent Cancel to 2442 on Glo
  4. Sent Allow to 2442 on Airtel

Final Step
Congratulation! You will be issued your device. So said #NPowerNG

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  1. I've not received any message to collect my device. What am supposed to do? I subscribed to Zinox tablet. [email protected]


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