How To Access All Device Support Centres Page Links On NPVN Portal

This information is for 2016 NPower beneficiaries. If you have collected your device and still don't know where to visit for device issues, page links has been provided for device issue support  on the NPVN Portal.

The pages contain centres where beneficiaries can visit to rectify their device issues (I.e) for those who have collected their device and are experiencing issues.

The device support centres that are available on the NPVN Portal as follow:

  1. Speed star windows tablet
  2. Brian NPower Ipad1
  3. RLG Tablet
  4. Techno pad
  5. Samsung Tab E
  6. Floss Signature Tablet
  7. Zinox Zpad Tablet
  8. Afrione NPower Ipad

How to access these support centres:

  • Go to: www.npvn.npower.gov.ng
  • Click on the device support button on the login page as seen on the image below:
  • It will take you to the next page where all the device support centers links are.
  • Click on any of the device you selected and view the support centre.

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