The Process Involve In YouWin Connect 2017 Training

For the benefit of those who applied for YouWin connect and has been asking for the next step to take, read the update below to stay informed about the next stage.

  1. Registration application and selection:\
    Aspiring entrepreneurs will be invited to apply/ register for participation via the online registration portal.

    Application will be reviewed and 55,500 successful applicants will be shortlisted for the online training. The shortlisted applicants list is already out, if you have not checked for your name yet, simply view how to check for your name here.

  2. Online training (accelerator phase1) :
    55,500 successful participant will receive tailored generic online training in various aspects of entrepreneurship and business such as nodules in business planning ( access to finance, access to marketers, competitiveness, business statement and mind- set change) at the end of this state 5,000 successful candidates will qualify for tailored Master class face to face training.
  3. Master class training (Accelerator phase ll) 5,000 successful participants will received ( industry specific) master class face to face training which is categorized based on cluster and held in various cluster hubs across the country.
The sectors of focus for the master class phase are:
  • .information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Agriculture/Agro processing
  • Fashion
  • Manufacturing and Retail
  • Construction

Email will be sent to all selected applicants by youwin for the online training. Stay tuned

All participant will receive certification on completion of the training and will be required to submit a business plan for area where business requires improvement.

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  1. I am having difficulty in accessing the youwin assessment test after listening to the marketing module.

  2. i am having difficulty in accessing the courses. each time i enter my user name and password, it takes me back to "enter business name and location. how can my problem be solved?

  3. i have been having difficulty in accessing my course modules.Each time i log in my user name and password, it takes me back to "enter business name and location. i haven't been able to access my courses. how can my problem be solved?

  4. Will all certified participants get the grant or its just for those whose business plans are approved?

  5. Am having problem submitting my youwin connect work. Each time I want to submit my answers,"Ims.youwinconnect.org.ng, Says, Error saving activity" alert massage will appear on my screen - preventing me from submitting the answers.
    Please any one with useful information about this problem should help me!

  6. Pls in a situation whereby the programme was not completed due to lack of electricity supply and poor internet service,is there any additional time added for that pls.

    1. No my dear friend all candidates have dsame date to end their training. Any failure to complete ur part is at such individual detriment.


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