Photos From Kaduna South NPower Agro Training Today And The New Training Schedule

The N-Agro training in Kaduna South is now been organize in batches, there are four batches as of today which are Batch A,B,C,D. More batches may still come up if the Names of beneficiaries in group D exceed the required number.

The training venue has been move from KADP Barnawa because of the inability of the training center to host large number of beneficiaries. The new training center is now  murtala square to accommodate more beneficiaries.

According to the trainer, those who fall under batch A and B will have their training on Saturday 21st of October, 2017 and those who fall under batch C and D will have their training 28th of October, 2017

Beneficiaries were group according to attendance serial number taken last Saturday's training including the new attendance of those who miss last Saturday training taken today. However, if you don't know the batch you belong to, try and attend the next Saturday training to confirm the batch your batch.

Beneficiaries who were switched from NHealth and NTeach were also ask to write their Names on separate piece of paper.

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