Five Silly Mistakes That May Cause Some NPower Build Applicants Disqualification

Physical verification exercise will begin today the 13th day in the month of November 2017, And we thought its wise to share some tips that will help you the Npower build applicant avoid some common silly mistakes that can cause  disqualification.

Do you know the reasons why NPower did not published selected Npower build applicants Names on their portal?. Well it is because they want to extract the well qualified applicants who show up for the physical verification exercise in state and were confirmed verified before the released the final authentic list on their website. So if I were you, I will make show I do not miss any stage of this physical verification exercise.

Below are some common silly mistakes that can get you disqualified:

  • Not following instructions: NPower always make sure they provide applicants with instruction that will  guide them succeed. But if you refuse to follow the instructions carefully you might have problem.
  • Presenting wrong information at the physical verification venue: Some applicant will still present wrong information at the physical verification not knowing that NPower is not business as usual.
  • Sending someone to represent you at the physical verification venue instead of you going for the exercise by your self may cause you to loss this opportunity because not everybody will agree to follow the rigorous steps involve in the physical verification exercise. I advice you to go by your self.
  • Not showing up for the physical verification exercise: May cause you delay and eventually disqualification if not given another chance to get verified. So make sure you made it the first day as scheduled for the exercise.
  • Inability to present the three things required for the physical verification: You were updated to present three (3) things ID Card, birth certificate and prove of residential address for the physical verification today but still some applicants will go to the venue without this things. Make sure you avoid this silly mistakes.

Good luck for today exercise

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