NPower Added Pre-selection Link To NPVN Portal

The 2017 NPowerNG applicants can now check  the preselection list through NPVN Portal. The process of checking Names on the NPVN Portal is simple and straight forward.

If you are still having issues checking your name through the npower.gov.ng portal, the NPVN  portal is the latest alternative link through which you can check your name on the preselected list with ease.

The NPVN Portal is created for existing beneficiary. It is the subdomain of npower.gov.ng where all data and educational materials for 2016 Npower beneficiaries are stationed. However, the 2017 Applicants will soon be required to join the 2016 beneficiaries on the NPVN Portal when verified. But for Now they can only access the preselection list link.

So If you cant access the npower portal to check your name, try the NPVN portal to check your name. It is fast and reliable. Simply follow the link bellow to check your Name

Adding preselection list to NPVN Portal is another strategy used by Npower to reduce  traffic on npower website page.

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