Reasons Why Some Applicants Are Having Difficulties Accessing Npower Preselection Portal

Some of you were complaining about your inability to access the npower website pre-selection link to check whether you have been shortlisted. The fact is that NPower has fulfilled their promise by releasing the list as schedule at the appropriate time.

However, some applicant may still have difficulties accessing the portal due to some issues listed below:
1. Using weak browser to access the portal:
Some of you will find it hard accessing the portal because your browser might be weak or under virus attack that might hinder you from accessing the portal. Try to clear your browser cookies.

2. Not using the appropriate link to access the portal:
As it is at the moment, if you are not using the right link the website will not render the appropriate page for you to access the list. I believe that strategies was used to  reduce traffic to avoid crash.

3. Due to massive traffic on the website:
As I said earlier too much traffic load on the website might render poor users experience on the preselection link. Most of you were awake all night to check the list, that alone is enough to bring the site down if the portal was 100% accessible for all at that moment.

4. Poor network connections:
If your network connection is poor, you might find it difficult accessing the portal. Try to use strong network

Note that the below link work magic while accessing the portal to check your names. Simply use this link to check your name:


If you get a 504 gateway timeout error keep trying it will open

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