NPower Update: See What To Do If Check The First Time And Your Name Is Not Preselected

Many people have been commenting about a certain list making rounds which is about 89 pages as the 2017 Npower list. It is laughable because you can't fit 150,000 names in 89 pages let alone 300,000.

NPower did Not released any list this year base on my understanding. What they did was to asked  applicants to Login to Npower website and insert their Phone number or BVN  and it will display their status.

Also the portal is being updated as we go along so even if you check and they tell you to have not been preselected just calm down and check in a few days, say 2 days and by then it would have hopefully updated.

For those of you who made it on first check "Congratulations" and for those who could not find their names keep checking hopefully you might soon be favoured. However, do not give up if at the end you did not make it, better opportunities will come your way. Stay focus!!

Good Luck

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