See The Hilarious Response From Npower To A Beneficiary On Permanence Issue

Npower updated beneficiaries today about the delay of October payment and stated that the reason for the delay was as a result of some technical issue and assured beneficiaries that payment will be made by Friday.

However some beneficiaries were not okay with the update and took to Npower Facebook page to express their feelings through comment.

Below is one of the comment a volunteer make regarding permanency and the response given by Npower on the image  below:

"The beneficiary asked "What type of technical problem is it? network from the bank or Npower office, anyway we are more concerned with making beneficiaries permanent if not it will be said by other parties that the Government did not employed anybody except the few that were separately employed. Let Buhari be the first to openly and transparently employed 500,000 graduates since after 1999, do not think of leaving beneficiaries after 2years because the money is to small for a graduate whom the government has left  unemployed for years and have a wife and son. Please oooo! I am an APC member and I know what is good for the people and the party create a legacy for now."

And Npower respond that there will be no permanence. That you entered into a program fully knowing the exist date. You have been encouraged to use the period wisely, invest, turn your passion to profit. kindly use your remaining months carefully and invest in your future

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