Five Side Hustle That Can Earn You Extra Income As N-Power Volunteer This Christmas Holiday

I believe most Npower volunteers are on holiday right now, especially the N-Teach Volunteers. Aside your first priority as an N-power volunteer, there are other services you can provide to earn you extra income this holiday season.

I am a leaving testimony to this experience and I want to share my experience with you guys.Below are five way to help you earn extra Money this Christmas holiday:

  • Find a farm and help them sell their poultry birds
  • Sale recharge card and other bill payment transaction
  • Help people solve simple task
  • Sell Christmas gift
  • Put your crating talent into action

1. Find a farm and help them sell their poultry birds: One product that sale massively during Christmas period is matured poultry Chicken. Many household buy and slaughter chicken to celebrate Christmas and New year, all you have to do is to connect with a poultry farmer and help them sell their produced and earn your commission.

2. Sale recharge card and other bill payment transaction: December holiday period is when lots of people travel home, and due to this constant movement of people this period, they tend to buy recharge cards and subscribe for other bill payment service like cable payment and electricity bills. with your mobile phone you can render these service to people around your residence, you don't need to have a shop to start this side hustle because technology has made things easy for us. All you need to do is to become a mobile money agent and start providing this services from the comfort of your homes.

3. Help People Solve Simple Task: Approach people who may need your services, help them solve simple task and get paid for it. there are lots of activities and movement going on during Christmas holiday and that is an indication that people will need assistant and direction. you can help them with tasks like professional house cleaning, Christmas decoration, slaughtering of chicken, making of chin-chin etc for Christmas celebration.

4. Sell Christmas Gift: Another way to earn extra cash this period is sell Christmas gift, like Christmas trees, children kits like watch, bangles and eye glass

5. Put Your Crafting Talent Into Action: A lot of us have talent that we don't even know about it. Back in the days in school, we were taught how to decorate and also create things like greeting cards, candle, soaps and others in intro tech classes. why not put your hands to action and see if you still have those skills and make money out of it this Christmas holiday season because lots of people will need these things this period.

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