How To Connect Your Npower Speedstar Device To The Internet

Can you connect your npower Speedstar device with other network aside npower MTN Sim? The answer is yes! you can. According to beneficiaries who have collected their device, it takes days or a week before MTN credit your Npower sim with the 750MB data to browse with your device. So why wait for a week before using your device to browse, when you can use other alternatives to start browsing the internet pending when your MTN Sim is credited.

There are four ways you can connect your Speedstar device to the internet:

  • Through the Npower MTN Sim
  • Through Other Mobile Network, like glo, airtel and etisalet
  • Hotspot
  • Wifi

1. Through the Npower Sim: The MTN NPower Sim will enable you to use the internet for 12 month for free to keep you connected and up to date. but you might not be connected immediately on till few days or a week.

2. Through other network, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile: You can also connect your Speedstar to the internet on these mobile network with help of modem.

3. Hotspot: You can use hotspot connectivity to connect your Speedstar device to the internet. Hotspot is a physical location where you may obtain internet access, typically using wifi technology, via a wireless local area network (WLAN) using a router connection to an internet service provider. if you have an android phone device you can connect your speedster to its hotspot using USB Cable

4. Wifi: Another way to connect Speedstar device to surf the internet is through Wifi connection if you have the signal in your location. The Wifi connectivity is just like the hotspot, the only difference is that wifi is wireless connection while hotspot uses USB Cable

So what are you waiting for, connect your Speedstar device with one of the network and start enjoying your device. Remember that your Speedstar Npower sim is set to automatically connect you to a mobile network and use mobile data when you are gifted with the 750MB monthly data. let windows manage this connection

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