Wise Advice From A Member Of NPowerDG To N-Power Volunteers (Must Read)

A member of  NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP Facebook Group "Nwaigwe Ezinne Francisca" shared an important advice with N-Power Volunteers and we thought it will be nice we share the post here.

According to her, she was watching one of Npower beneficiaries crying on a video sometime this year, she was pleading on the Federal Government to permanent their appointment after 2years, Reason being that she has been jobless for so long a time and now with the help of Npower she can provide square meal for herself, children and her husband.

Its quite disheartening to know that majority are not utilizing this stipend.This programme was not made to put food on your table for just 2years. I strongly believe that some persons have set up good businesses that will yield income
good businesses that will yield income each month end, while others kept spending on things that doesnt count.

It will be good if you utilize your income for this 2years it is then left for the FG to either absorb or dissolve her beneficiaries thereafter. Money is meant to be spent, and I know that if you had enough you wouldn't have applied for this. Please invest this money ,watch it grow and when it yield, you will be glad you did. Remember a seed of yam remains a seed on ground but once it is being planted it turns a tuber in harvest.

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Nwaigwe Ezinne Francisca

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