Note That 2017 Npower Applicants Have Not Started Receiving Stipends

Some 2017 NPower applicants were asking if the 2017 applicants were included in the December stipend Payment. The fact is that only the existing beneficiaries are been paid December stipends. I see no reason why you should be asking whether the  2017 volunteers are been paid when they have not been deployed.

Before you start getting paid as Npower beneficiary, you must be verified, confirmed and deployed to your place of primary assignment (PPA). However, 2017 applicants have not reached this stage.

The 2017 applicants have  just concluded their  physical verification. They will start receiving stipends when they are finally selected, then will be asked to proceed to the NPVN Portal to update your bank account details. After that, then you can start receiving your stipends.

As it's at the moment only 2016 existing beneficiaries are been paid December stipend.  Take note!!

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